USS Bradenton NCC-55013

Support and Fellowship in All Sci-Fi in the Bradenton Florida, World, CyberSpace areas...
We are an Olympic Class Hospital StarShip...

Ok I have decided to start a local club here in Bradenton, members are welcome from the surrounding area but remember there are other ship in the Bay area so don't forget them...

I'm starting this clubs for a couple reasons:
1. I would like to get to gather with other Sci-Fi fans
2. I met a couple of fans that said well if there is a local club they would join...

I created this as a Informational page for local Sci-Fi... but hopefully get a
group of local people to be able to meet-up and have fun sharing in Sci-Fii!!!
I have based it at my home because of my Very Limit Mobility...

The command chain is based like a real hospital: a figure head 'chairman of the
board' or aka CO: Commanding Officer n then the board or aka bridge crew that
runs the ship...

the only limitations is that the group is based at my home area because of my
limited access to travel...

Live Long and May the Force be with Us All!!!

also our Fb page:

we also have a fellowship with our mother-ship: USS Poseidon -

based at: 4840 48th St. W. Bradenton, FL 34210
(941) 677-5013

CO's email:

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